Cittadella Ospitalità della Pro Civitate Christiana


Cittadella di Assisi

Cittadella di Assisi (Citadel of Assisi) is home to the Civitate Christiana Association, founded in 1939 by Don Giovanni Rossi and his lay associates, a group of both men and women. These people committed their lives to the cause of the Gospel, being in a constant dialogue with the various components of cultural and social life, with special reference to those environments which where furthest from an explicit expression of the Faith.
The members are called Volunteers (which means free choice). They express their life choice in two different but still complementary ways: some choose to live by experiencing the charism of community and celibacy, some others choose marriage and family.

Everything changes in the world. We witness inconceivable transformations of souls, peoples and religions. Rather than prepare actions, we should prepare more bridges; rather than preach sermons, we should encourage more dialogues; rather than collect memories, we should promote new visions of a future full of freedom, peace and justiceDon Giovanni Rossi (1887–1975) founder of the Pro Civitate Christiana Association

Cittadella di Assisi is a charming, simple and hospitable home which is also a crossroad for conviviality: it is the scenery of important meetings with experts and witnesses who discuss the main burning issues of society and ecclesial world, encouraging dialogues between different cultures and religions.

Cittadella di Assisi warmly welcomes groups, religious and parish communities, school camps and anyone who wants to spend a few days of rest in an atmosphere of friendship and simplicity.

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