Cittadella Ospitalità della Pro Civitate Christiana

Events in Assisi

If you need to organize an event in Assisi, you can use the internal and external spaces of the Citadel, suitable for large and small events, in an atmosphere of friendship and simplicity.

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Cittadella Ospitalità of the Pro Civitate Christiana Association

Hospitality in Assisi

Cittadella di Assisi (Citadel of Assisi), situated in the very heart of Assisi and represents the ho me of the Pro Civitate Christiana Association . This space aims to be a welcoming place, able to ignite flashes of inspiration in the landscapes of the soul.

It is characterized by three fundamental places:

  • Cittadella Ospitalità (Hospitality Citadel)
    A beautiful, simple and hospitable home which is also a crossroad for conviviality: in fact, this house is the scenery of important meetings with experts and observers who discuss the main burning issues of society and ecclesial world, encouraging dialogue between different cultures and religions. The home warmly welcomes those who want to spend a few days of rest in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.
  • The Christian Observatory
    A documentation and study centre where you can look for the presence of Jesus Christ, palpable in history, actuality and consequently in every human expression such as literature, art and music.
  • The Chapel
    A space for meditation and liturgy where it is possible to discover the relationship with the Eternal, and also feel in fraternal communion with all living creatures and with creation itself.

Accomodation in “Cittadella”


A few days visit here can be a precious opportunity to meet:

  • The city of Assisi and its indescribable charm;
  • Its spaces of silence, light and beauty – open to everybody;
  • His Saints, Chiara (Clare) and Francesco (Francis), and their everlasting message;
  • The Pro Civitate Christiana Association and its volunteers, constantly involved in several activities and fully available to make every guest feel the warmth of hospitality in an atmosphere of dialogue, where the individual experience becomes a source of enrichment for the whole community.

Meetings rooms