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Activities and free-time in Assisi

Activities in Assisi:

    This site gathers information about events, exhibitions, fairs, concerts, theatre shows, market-exhibitions, festivals, local parties, activities and sports to practice in Terni and Perugia.
    Umbria by bicycle: up to 30 itineraries to discover the “Green Heart of Italy” on two wheels.
    Discover all the museums, churches, hermitages, abbeys and many other treasures in Umbria.

Activities for children in Assisi:

  • Activo Park is the largest theme park in central Italy. It offers a lot of fun and adventure tracks for the whole family, to be repeated all day long without any time limit.
  • Città della Domenica is the first Park in Italy. A mix of Fun, puppies and education to let children of all ages experience the beauty of nature.
  • Il Parco Acquatico Tavernelle is the largest water fun park in Umbria: the park offers 5 swimming pools, rafting, water slides (toboggan, twister etc.), green beach and umbrellas, beach volley, tennis, restaurant and baby lagoon.
  • Il Parco Avventura Nahar is an adventure park located in Rosciano, near the town of Arrone (from which it takes its ancient name Nahar) in the province of Terni. It is nestled among walnut trees and the ancient poplars of Valnerina, at short distance from the majestic Marmore Waterfalls.
  • Il Parco Mattia Giurelli is a public park in Porchiano, immersed in the holm-oak wood below the ancient church of Santa Cristina (St. Christina). It takes its name from the founder, Mattia Giurelli, who decided – with the savings arising from his business as an entrepreneur in the USA – to buy a large portion of the forest. Afterwards, he donated the area to the municipality of Amelia, with the special clause that it would remain dedicated to the social life of the historic village of Porchiano.
    The park hosted “The Dinosaur Exhibition”, a project developed by Wonderworld Entertainment in cooperation with Noi Amici Per Leo Association.
  • La Scarzuola is a private house which is possible to visit upon reservation. The Scarzuola is like a medicine: it can also have serious side effects…
    […] to the Scarzuola; when someone observes that the new [self-created] part of me is not “Franciscan”, I answer: of course, because it represents the world in general, and in particular MY world: the world in which I had the chance to live and work (surrounded by Art, Culture, Worldliness, Elegance, Pleasures and also Vices, Wealth, and Powers, etc.) in which, however, I did create an Oasis of recollection, study, work, music and silence, greatness and misery, social and hermit life, solitary contemplation; a Realm of fantasy, fairy tales, myths, echoes and reflections out of time and space – because everyone can ultimately find echoes of the past as well as notes of the future […]
    Tomaso Buzzi (1900–1981)